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The Designer

Gabriele Teruzzi began his career in yacht design when he chose to undertake the Yacht Design course for the final thesis at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). The thesis involved the design of a 26-meter yacht for the Filippetti Yacht shipyard, who appreciated so much the final result, that they exhibited the concept at the International Boat Show in Cannes. Gabriele Teruzzi continued his educational path at the IED in Turin, where he attended the Master in Yacht Design and Construction. Here he worked alongside Southern Wind Shipyard in the realization of a thesis project, published subsequently in several magazines of the nautical sector.
His professional growth moved him geographically to the Italian seaside city of Trieste.

Here a 5 year journey began as a predominant collaborator of AM Yacht Design, where he was involved in the design of various prestigious projects such as: Mangusta Oceano 42 mt, Mangusta Oceano 60 mt, Mangusta Gran Sport 45 mt, Mangusta Gran Sport 54 mt, Dominator Ilumen 28 mt, various Azimut models, Fairline GTO and Squadron, and many more.
In 2016 he published Shaddai, a very strong, disrupted and provocative concept. Through the quality of his design details, he expressed an ambitiously unique style, which is clean and full of pretensions. This project became known everywhere through publications and granted him an international recognition. Not unlike other controversial pieces of art, Shaddai continues to provoke opinions and discussions and does not go unnoticed.

The Studio

In 2016, as a result of the vast recognizion and response to his work, Gabriele Teruzzi set-up his own studio: a fresh environment full of innovative ideas, a cured selection of materials and a precise, meticulous and obsessive attention for details.

The creative Process

It is important to fully satisfy the client's demands, creating exactly what he really desires, in which he can mirror and identify himself completely, like a tailor-made suit for him. For this reason it is very important to know the client in depth, to create a human relationship, especially informal, from which it is possible to grasp its true essence and its tastes. Gabriele Teruzzi can then better understand the emotions and desires of the client and begins the ideation process.

Next, pencil meets blank paper in a unique moment where Gabriele's ideas come to life. This phase initially lays the foundation for an accurate general arrangement (GA) that reflects the client's demands. This goes hand-in- hand with the realization of an equally bespoke exterior styling which Gabriele is recognized for. Of course this iterative process occurs in close collaboration with the client. This phase typically involves the development of sketches of both interior and exterior space, a formal GA and a profile design.

Later, the most detailed modeling and beautiful 3D renderings show the exquisite shapes, the refined material selection, the perfect balance between the natural and artificial light, creating an artwork which goal is to completely satisfy the client's dreams.

Gabriele Teruzzi

Designing visionary yachts, going beyond your wildest dreams.

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